Live at Pitchfork Festival 2012

The Psychic Paramount - Union Park, Chicago, IL - July 14, 2012
The New York trio puts the paranoia back into psychedelic rock by scrubbing out any and all references to the blues. Instead, they rely on relentless, unceasing repetition to generate sublime freak-outs that split the distance between Terry Riley and Motorhead. Opening the festival on Saturday afternoon, they delivered a few familiar riffs, but also made time to spin off into unfamiliar territory. 

Percentage of band wearing black: 100.

Words spoken on stage: 0.

Moment when you remember that taking acid is frightening: Minute three of "Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural".

Songs that ended with extended drum bashing and abstract guitar freak-outs: All of them.

Only thing that could have made the set better: Fog machine.

Best reason to see them play indoors: They bring the fog machine

--Aaron Leitko